Strict inspections have been performed on all +LUMBER products throughout the production, however should you ever receive a defective product or the product that fails during the normal and proper use within the warranty period, you may receive a replacement or repair though Hacoa or vendors.



1. Customers who have purchased goods in authorized vendors, please contact the vendor directly regarding products and sales transactions. In order to have your product replaced, please follow the vendor’s instruction and policy. You may need to bring or send the defective product along with a valid proof of purchase & warranty.
Authorized vendors are all stores, except for Hacoa Direct Stores, Hacoa Online Store, and Rakuten Mokkoya.

2. Customers who purchased goods directly from Hacoa, including Hacoa Direct Stores, Hacoa Online Store, and Rakuten Mokkoya, and those who ordered through Hacoa’s email and phone order service shall contact Hacoa for repair or exchange. Customer service is available in English and Japanese.

1. +LUMBER商品を販売店で購入されたお客様は、商品や販売取引に関して、直接販売店にお問い合わせください。製品を交換するには、販売店の指示とストアポリシーに従ってください。製品・保証書・購入証明を、販売店に持参又は郵送する必要があるかもしれません。
販売店とは、Hacoa Direct Store、Hacoa Online Store、楽天木香屋以外の全てのお店のことです。

2. Hacoa Direct Store、Hacoa Online Store、楽天木香屋において山口工芸から直接購入された方、そしてハコアにメールまたは電話注文された方は、修理・交換に関しては、山口工芸にご連絡をください。カスタマーサービスは、英語と日本語となります。


To request a repair or exchange to Hacoa, please email the following to us at global@hacoa.com. Only an item with prior approval may be repaired or exchanged.

Things to email Hacoa


english@hacoa.com にメールするもの

  • 購入証明(購入日、販売店名、商品名又は商品を特定できる型番が含まれているレシート又はOrder Confirmation)
  • 保証がある場合は保証書(購入日、ショップ情報が記入済み)
  • 配送の場合は、配送伝票のスキャン又はデジタル写真
  • 商品とパッケージのデジタル写真
  • 英語又は日本語での不具合の説明


After your item was pre-approved, it is customer’s responsibility to get the product to Hacoa in the condition shown in the approved photos.

Send to Hacoa

In case of sending by courier all postage, packing, insurance and any other costs related to request for exchange or repair, either covered or not covered by warranty, are customer’s responsibility and will not be refunded. Please use a proper carton, adequate packing materials and a traceable delivery method, as Hacoa shall not be liable for loss of or damage to the goods occurred during transportation.

For overseas return, only the item with a prior approval will be exchanged or repaired. Please print clearly on package “RETURN ITEM FOR REPAIR WITH NO COMMERCIAL VALUE.”

It is granted that Hacoa inspects the goods within 7- 10 business days following delivery if the customer believes the goods are defective any way. For defective goods, which we have agreed in writing that the customer is entitled to reject, Hacoa’s liability is limited to either (at our discretion) replacing the goods with the same or the closest possible products. Goods repaired or exchanged shall be sent back to the customer by EMS. Although taxes and customs duties are not always incurred, in case they are incurred, the customer agrees to pay these fees.



  • サポート承認番号
  • 名前
  • 電話番号
  • 返送先住所
  • 不具合のある商品
  • オリジナルパッケージ
  • 承認された購入証明 – 原本のみ。コピーは認められません。

保証書がある場合は、承認された保証書 – 原本のみ。コピーは認められません。

海外返品については、事前の承認を得たアイテムのみ交換または修理いたします。パッケージにはっきりと “RETURN ITEM FOR REPAIR WITH NO COMMERCIAL VALUE(返品商品なので商業的価値はありません)” と明記してください。



Hacoa warrants +Lumber’s electronic devices and clocks against defects in materials and workmanship when used normally and properly in accordance with the precautions and guidelines for a period stated in Warranty Form (“Warranty Period”). Hacoa’s obligation is strictly limited to repair or replacement, at the sole option of Hacoa.

If you contact Hacoa within Warranty Period you may be entitled to the following:

If you contact Hacoa after the warranty is expired, you may be entitled to the following:



  • 無償修理
  • 無償交換
  • 有料修理


  • 有料修理


All products besides electronics and clocks are provided “as is” and without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. Only when initial defects are observed repair or exchange will be assessed. Hacoa’s obligation is strictly limited to repair or replacement, at the sole option of Hacoa.

If you contact Hacoa within fourteen (14) days of purchase or delivery, you may be entitled to the following:

If you contact Hacoa more than fifteen (15) days after your purchase or delivery, you may be entitled to the following:



  • 無償修理
  • 無償交換


  • 有償修理


The Limited Warranty provides a warranty that our products are free from manufacturing defect only. The Limited Warranty shall NOT apply to and expressly EXCLUDES any of the following circumstances:

Limited Warrantyは、製造不良のみを保証するものです。下記の状況によるダメージは保証対象外になります。

  • 不適切な使用または改造による破損や故障
  • 地震、家事、洪水などの災害による破損や故障
  • 使用による割れや傷
  • 保証書が提出できない
  • 購入日やショップ名が保証書に記入されていない
  • マニュアルに版下使用方法による破損や故障


Wood, being a natural, non-synthetic material, expands and contracts due to varying levels of local humidity, with high humidity causing expansion and low humidity causing contraction. These uncontrollable variances may cause visual problems, expansion, contraction or warping. For this reason, all purchases of wood products are final and not subject to return. Differences in color and grain are inherent to all wood products. There may be variations in color, texture, and grain pattern. Wood naturally ages over time. The natural process of color change in real wood is part of unique character and enhances the beauty of real wood products. Wood's inherent characteristics do not provide a valid reason for exchange.